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Webster’s Marketplace takes pride in giving back to our surrounding communities. We offer options for non-profit groups to raise funds.

Brat Frys

Webster’s Marketplace has a Brat and Hamburger stand attached to the front of the building. Non-profit groups sell brats and hamburgers plus the fixings from the stand on most weekend days all year round. We offer quality products from our in-store smokehouse and bakery for selling at the stand. Call DuWayne at 920-748-5498 for information and the availability of hosting a Brat Fry at Webster’s Marketplace. Brat Frys are scheduled on a first come first serve basis (in-store persons before phone call requests) for the year beginning at 8 am on January 2nd. Please note that one person can only reserve the allowed Brat Fry’s for one group and then must return to the end of the line and wait their turn to reserve Brat Frys for another group.

Pizza and Sub Program

We have created a Pizza/Sub Program that has success written all over it. Pick a month that your organization wants to sell the coupons, and tell us how many coupons you predict you will sell. We make the coupons and you sell the coupons to friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers.

The coupons are for our deli subs and pizzas. Some groups sell just pizza coupons, some sell just sub coupons and some sell both. Your group sells the coupons below regular retail price so your customers enjoy a great product at a lower price. You are billed below what you charge your customers, so you win as well. The more you sell, the more your group makes. We will bill you one week after you stop selling the coupons. If you have any left over coupons, bring them back to us and you are billed only for the tickets you sell. The coupons will be valid for 6 months. Contact Candie or Stephanie at Webster’s Marketplace for current coupon pricing and availability. We only allow one group to sell these coupons at a given time.

Webster's Community Cards

Webster’s Marketplace will sell gift cards in denominations of $50 and $100 to local churches and schools for a 3% discount and that 3% becomes a profit for the organization. This is in replacement of the Great Lakes Scrips program. Please contact Candie directly for information on Webster’s Community Cards at or 920-748-5498.

Webster Foundation

Non-profit groups can also apply for a grant from the Webster Foundation, and Youth Groups can apply for a matching funds grant for their fundraisers. Visit the Webster Foundation page for more information.